New experiments with glass led Michela Cattai to create a new type of glass sculpture which tells in its essence three main concepts: Love, Light and Shape. 

The series Triforme creates an innovative way of working with Blown Glass: Michela Cattai combines the love for the glass material, the artisans and the Italian craftsmanship together with her passion and her sensitivity.

The cromatic choice of this series of glass artworks explains the artist’s need to create stylised and minimal shapes through the use of different shades of color. The bronze tones, obtained by the union of different oxydes, shade together until reaching the transparent crystal.

These abstract shapes, always reminding a triangular element – are a distinguishing symbol of Michela Cattai’s work. Which, far from the usual forms of Murano glass, become unique sculptures with their own identity.

The series has been exhibited at Palazzo Querini on the occasion of The Venice Glass Week, in Venice in 2018. Triformi has also been part of the exhibition Reshaping the Tradition at the Italian Cultural Institute Tokyo,in Japan in 2019.