Getting closer with great sensitivity and respect to the creative waste coming from another artist’s work and reshaping it in a new artefact


What’s created from this process of intellectual recycle is unique: sculptures with a history and a personality, that hold in themselves not only the continuous research on material, colour and shape but also the need to sensitise the public towards a global and contemporary message.

Inside the historical Battaglia Foundry in Milan, Michela collects other sculptures’ waste materials and brings them to the encounter with glass.

 Installation view of Linfa at Palazzo Querini on the occasion of The Venice Glass Week, 2018.

PAD London 2019,
presented by 88 Gallery, London

The Linfa series was the protagonist of the video Incontri Metropolitani by Michela Cattai, directed by Francesco La Porta, which was screened at the Palazzo Grassi theatre in Venice at the Milan Design Film Festival 2019.

The series has been exhibited at NOMAD St.Moriz, The Venice Glass Week, Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo and at PAD LONDON Art + Design. The serie has been featured on Domus and Elle Decor.